We consider anyone, who practices naturism and lives in Estonia to be an Estonian Naturist, regardless of their nationality.

Answering the survey is also necessary in order to apply for a naturist identity and also in order to join the Estonian Naturism community and various naturism web environments.

The aim of the survey is to have a clear nationwide picture and determine the following:

  1. How many naturists are there in Estonian counties, cities, etc.;
  2. What are their needs, interests, opportunities;
  3. Naturists who provide services to other naturists.

Part of the survey also focuses on hobbies and free time activities in order to determine the interest for free time and hobby activities, and the need for creating new clubs, and interest in their activities.

When it comes to hobby clubs, they play an important role in promoting the local naturism culture as well as in organizing events and tourism internationally.

The survey form is located in Google Forms https://forms.gle/Cjx6PEn85Qyb3Ytb7

Answering the survey is of critical importance because without an overview of the market, and without the demand, the service providers cannot offer services or develop new services and products.

The results of the survey are also important for regional activists – who would be interested in creating and running a hobby club.

The result of the survey is anonymous statistics.
Personal data is processed exclusively by Don Simon Tompel, the organizer of the survey. He is a personal, and lifestyle marketer, creator of cooperation and marketing solutions, and promoter of naturism tourism.

The organizer will not share or sell personal and contact information to third parties. The organizer might send suggestions, offers, and information related to naturism to the e-mail address provided in the survey.

Survey questions

  • First and last name (optional)
  • Year of birth
  • Gender (Female / Male)
  • Nationality
  • Communication languages:
    • Estonian
    • English
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian
    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • German
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Dutch
    • Latvian
    • Lithuanian
  • Phone (optional)
  • Web address (optional)
  • Place of residence (County)
  • Residence (city / town / municipality)
  • Area of activity (list countries, counties, towns…)
  • Participation in naturism:
    • Only alone
    • With partner / spouse
    • With friend
    • With family
    • Where are only pairs (M + N)
    • Where there are women and men
    • Where there are only men
    • Where there are only women
    • Where there are only families (parents with children)
    • Naked only (where being naked is mandatory)
    • Naked if possible (where being naked is optional)
  • Which club would you join:
    • Media Club (professional, freelance, citizen journalism)
    • Photo Club (photographers, models…)
    • Movie Club (film/video makers, actors, actresses)
    • Art Club (artists, models)
    • Sauna Club
    • Swimming Club (in nature and in the pool)
    • Health Club
    • Sports Club
    • Cooking Club
    • Gardening Club
    • Hiking Club
    • Travel Club
    • Theatre Club (acting, shows)
    • Music Club
    • Dance Club
  • How often do you participate in the club activity?
    • 2x per week
    • 1x per week
    • 3x per month
    • 2x per month
    • 1x per month
  • The appropriate time for a community activity:
    • within a work week
    • a weekend
  • Club participation fee:
    • 5 EUR
    • 10 EUR
    • 15 EUR
    • 20 EUR
  • Professional activities (services for naturists):
    • Private landowner (I offer land to naturists)
    • Property owner / manager (I offer premises for activities)
    • Organizer / Entrepreneur
    • Event Host
    • Trainer / Coacher / Teacher
    • Therapist / Counselor
    • Travel- / Tour Guide
    • Blogger / Journalist
    • Model / Actor / Actress
    • Photographer
    • Video maker
    • Artist
    • Musician, Singer
    • Dancer
  • Contributing as a volunteer:
    • Model (recognizable, face visible)
    • Model (not recognizable, rear view)
    • Actor (naturism ads)
    • Photographer
    • Video maker
    • Musician (for creating naturism music videos)
    • Designer (illustration of events, advertisements)
    • Blogger (writing articles)
    • Event organizer / co-organizer
    • Event Host
    • Leading the club
    • Agree to the interview (article)
    • Agree to a video interview
    • Agree to participate in the TV show
  • Your feedback and propositions in free format

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