My name is Don Simon Tompel and from this year (2019), I start developing international naturism and naturism tourism, with my lifestyle and personal marketing company – Lifestyles Marketing OÜ, both in Estonia, Finland and worldwide.

Why is this topic important for me?

  • I’m starting a new stage of my life. I’ll launch new things, so I need lots of new friends, partners, colleagues and I want to find them among naturists.
  • I want to broaden my horizons, get an overview of opportunities – how to improve my quality of life, including nutrition and health;
  • I want to find companions, for my thoughts and activities, amongst naturists;
  • I like to solve problems, create new products and services. So far The field of naturism has not been developed much in Estonia and in that field better marketing solutions are also needed in other parts of the world. Although naturism actually affects most people, it is marketed to a narrow audience and contradictory statements are used. If the theory and practice differ, it cannot develop in the right direction. I see opportunities for self-realization in improveing the situation;
  • Naturism also gives the oportunity to promote Estonias culture as that of a nature people.

My Services:

  • Web environments and mobile apps for Naturism;
  • Services for communication and content creation;
  • Organizing of events;
  • Media and marketing services;
  • The Naturism Image and Video Bank.

In work and plan

  • Estonian Naturism community portal –;
  • Finnish Naturism community portal –;
  • Naturism tourism marketing research;
  • Estonian naturism tourism cluster;
  • 10.-12. august 2019 Estonian Naturism Lake Camp;
  • Global naturism tourism cooperation network;
  • Global Naturism Network- social network (web & app);
  • Naturism Directory – tourism portal (web & app);
  • International naturism photo and video contest.