We opened the renewed Estonian naturism tourism and community portal Naturism.ee, which is also a lifestyle, tourism, personal, and community marketing platform.

As the Estonian Naturism community model connects people not only by interests and activities (hobby clubs) but also by nationality/mother tongue, a total of 15 languages ​​are supported in the online environment.

The main languages of the portal are English and Estonian. The portal has a total of 15 languages: English, Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian. Content in different languages depends on demand, producers of articles, images, videos, and the budget for editing and translation.

Previously different languages ​​were in separate web environments, in subdomains (for example eesti.naturism.ee, estonian.naturism.ee…), but in the updated web environment all languages ​​are in the main domain, naturism.ee.

Menus, categories, and other content elements have also been updated. The content of the web environment has been completely re-entered. Setup and content creation is ongoing.
We hope that with the help of our partners and community members the portal will be ready in this year’s (2020) October – by the time that preparations for the next year’s tourism period begin.

International web environment Naturism.ee is one of the first naturism information and marketing channels both for Estonians and also for people all over the world.

The owner and operator of the Estonian naturism tourism and community portal Naturism.ee is the personal and lifestyle marketing company Lifestyles Marketing OÜ and the editor-in-chief is Don Simon Tompel.