• For a Naturist being naked in public is voluntary and normal;
  • A Naturist does not violate public order and is not naked outside of his/her home or the naturism environment if it can disturb others or is against the law;
  • Naturist cares for himself/herself and for others as well as for the environment. He or She acts friendly, respectfully and responsibly;
  • Naturist takes care of his/her cleanliness and also stands for a clean environment and always cleans up after himself/herself;
  • A true naturist is community supporting, by nature and does everything in his/her power to ensure a friendly and safe Naturistic environment for everyone;
  • Naturist treats everyone as equals whatever their characteristics, gender, age, skin color, religion, etc.;
  • Naturist doesn’t disdain or criticize anyone’s looks or body;
  • Naturist doesn’t exhibit sexual arousal and has sex in privacy;
  • For hygienic reasons a naturist always uses a towel to sit on while being naked;
  • Naturist doesn’t take drugs or drink strong alcohol while being in a Naturism environment. While drinking light alcohol naturist doesn’t get visibly drunk and doesn’t disturb others;
  • Naturist doesn’t take pictures or film without permission;
  • Naturist doesn’t use cameras or smartphones in a naturist environment. If using a mobile phone is unavoidable the cameras must be covered with a read dot-sticker.

What happens when You break the Naturist Etiquette?

The Naturists Etiquette is based on generally accepted good manners and therefore should be unmistakably clear for anyone. If at any time you feel that you don’t know how to act, you should ask for advice from the organizer of the event or the other Naturist community members. If an infringement has occurred by an honest mistake you should apologize to the others and explain yourself. If you see someone else breaking the Naturists Etiquette you should friendly point it out to them, because the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the Naturism environment rest on all of us.

If the etiquette is knowingly, seriously or repeatedly violated it could result with a fine, indemnification and you could be banned from the Naturism.Network environment and get a mark about the fact on your naturist identity (RealiD.World), and you will not be able to participate in the events organized by Estonian Naturism. Unauthorized photography, filming, and/or the disclosure of material are also considered significant violations.