A visionary, a lifestyle marketer, and an IT entrepreneur Don Simon Tompel has made a public proposal that, since Estonia is not a sunny country and has no naturism identity yet, we could start from a clean slate and should emphasize Estonia`s strengths – which are our more than 5000 years old cultural, and indigenous religion background and principles. Our strengths are also our natural environment, educational and cultural programs, and our innovative approach to naturism and its management.

The goal of Estonian naturism:

  • To Increase respect and tolerance in society;
  • Promoting public health and quality of life;
  • Promoting the native culture and the smart society
  • Promoting environmental protection and the protection of cultural values;
  • International cooperation for organizing tourism and culture.

Estonian Naturism is a trademark of naturism marketing, portal-, media-, and event management, created by Don Simon Tompel, and owned by Lifestyles Marketing OÜ, a lifestyle and personal marketing company.