10.-12. August 2019 in Pärnu County. This year for the first time the international Estonian Naturism Lake Camp is held. Lake Camp invites all naturists, nude body culture fans and artists to fire up a new Naturism community in Estonia. Lake Camp is a vacation in pure nature – an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, also get to know new people and engage in different activities according to your interests. Lake Camp is multilingual, You can communicate in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish. Lake Camp takes places without any concern for the weather.

Exact information for participants only.


The two day program contains body painting, nature art, sport – volleyball, petanque, lake running race, watercraft racing, boat/canoe hauling, social games, dancing, barbecuing, sauna, bonfires…

  • Lake Camp is a vacation and participating in the program is voluntary.
  • There is no time limit to the sauna usage (sauna firewood is free).
  • Firewood for barbecue and bonfires, barbecue charcoal and ignition fluid costs extra.
  • Watercraft usage is free.
  • Body paints and other equipment for body painting cost extra.
  • Fishing equipment rent costs extra.