The lead organizer Don Simon Tompel is a visionary, a creator of collaboration and marketing solutions, developer, software architect, a marketer and promoter for a nature-friendly lifestyle and international naked recreation.

He is also a founder and a developer for the social network web-site Naturism.Network and the founder, developer, and moderator of the Naturist.Holiday tourism portal.

Don Simon has organized more than 170 events over 7 years.


He uses his knowledge, experience, and character to promote a healthier society and synergy and mostly concentrates on creating solutions for innovation, product development, information, collaboration, and marketing, which provide a wider circle of people, companies and citizens associations with a possibility to receive and share the information they need, make themselves and their services more visible to others and find new friends, business associates, and clients and also to participate in different cooperation projects together. He also makes an effort, for people to have more positive thoughts, emotions, and a safer society.


Reading and collecting information material is the greatest hobby for Don Simon. For example, the materials he reads include know-how on different topics, manuals, textbooks, info about different research studies, university students’ thesis, legislation… This information is also useful for generating and formalizing ideas.
To balance his excessive brainwork he engages in different social activities and also does gardening – he likes cutting the grass with a scythe or a trimmer. He also enjoys giving massages to people occasionally and a good workout for himself.


The list of interests is long but the most important ones are social entrepreneurship, social science, psychology, psychography, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, web standards, architecture, small houses, smart furniture, off-grid solutions, self-sustaining city, smart settlements, in harmony with nature lifestyle, rural life, universal design, accessibility and different lifestyles, professions, people.